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  • List of Documents Required
  • TFN and Bank Details For Refund
  • Payment Summary, or
  • Last Pay Slip With YTD Figures
  • Employment Termination Statement
  • List of work related expenses
  • Bank statement for interest received
  • Statement of dividends received
  • Private Health Cover Statement
  • Employee Share Scheme Statement
  • Spouse/defacto taxable income details
$99Per Tax Return

  • List of Documents Required
  • TFN and Bank Details For Refund
  • Payment Summary, or
  • Last Pay Slip With YTD Figures
  • ETP and ESS Statements
  • List of work related expenses
  • Bank statement for interest received
  • Dividends, Health Cover statements
  • Spouse/defacto taxable income details
  • Statement from real estate agent
  • Interest paid, depreciation report
$149$49 for extra property

  • List of Documents Required
  • TFN and Bank Details For Refund
  • Payment Summary, Or
  • Last Pay Slip With YTD Figures
  • ETP and ESS Statements
  • List of work related expenses
  • Bank statement for interest received
  • Dividends statements
  • Health Cover statements
  • Spouse/defacto taxable income details
  • Online platform annual report in CSV
$198Per Tax Return

  • List of Documents Required
  • TFN and Bank Details For Refund
  • Payment Summary, or
  • ETP and ESS Statements
  • List of work related expenses
  • Bank statement for interest received
  • Dividends statements
  • Health Cover statements
  • Spouse/defacto taxable income details
  • Business income and expenses details

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As we are in the midst of tax season, you should be looking to see how you can legally maximise you tax refund. In order to do that, you need to be sure that you are getting your work or business related deductions right. Here are some quick tips to help you navigate through the process of claiming deductions in your income tax return:

Employee tax deductions for different occupations

There are different allowed work related deductions based on what job you are performing. The majority of taxpayers will follow the the same common rules for claiming deductions, but there are also a few exceptions to the rule, here are some examples:

  • Employee building workers can claim long service payments and redundancy trust payments.
  • Members of Parliament can deduct gifts, donations, benefits, and recoupments.
  • Athletes and other sports-related fields can deduct their receipts from costs related to the sport.

3 rules for claiming tax deductions

When sorting out whether you can can claim a particular deduction in your tax return, you should follow the 3 golden rules:

  • You paid for it: Was there something job-related that was paid for by you? And did you get reimbursed for it? If your employers paid you back for the purchase, it cannot be deducted from your taxes as the employers was the one who actually spent the money.
  • It’s related to your job: Was the purchase you are trying to deduct for your job? If it was solely for a work purpose and was not something for you as an individual or personally, then it can be deducted. Was it your uniform? That is deductible. If it was your gym shoes, it is not (unless you are a fitness instructor).
  • You have proof of payment: Before you can successfully deduct a work-related purchase, you need to prove that you actually did pay for it. Writing in an amount will not suffice. A receipt, credit card, or bank statement will suffice as proof of payment.

Some types of tax deductions that can be claimed in individual tax return

  • Travel: This includes airline fees, hotel fees, food, as well as car rentals and petrol costs.
  • Uniforms: Whether it is a hard hat for a construction job, or scrubs for a nursing uniform, if it is required clothing for your job, it can be deducted.
  • Home office equipment: This applies if you ever work from home. Even if you work from home outside of your day job, if you have made purchases to create a home office, it could be deducted.
  • Education: This applies if you are advancing your education for your current job. If you are doing continuing education courses or higher learning courses that are job-related, this could be deducted.
  • Tax agent fees: The fees for using a tax agent to file your tax return can also be deducted as a work-related expense.

Filing a Cheap Tax Return

A common misconception when filing for your tax refund is that filing tax online is cheaper than filing with a professional tax accountant.

  • Personal touch: A professional tax accountant will talk to you over the phone and prepare your tax return for you. He or she can go over the deduction options available to you.
  • Extensive knowledge: Working with a tax professional directly will help you to maximise your tax refund. It may seem like online tax returns are less costly, but with the amount of deductions you can miss out on, you could be losing money filing online.
  • Time savers: Using a professional tax accountant will save you time and unnecessary stress. Tax professionals work with taxes all the time. They know the ins and outs. The process of filing your tax return will be easier than you ever imagined. So with your extra money, you will have less stress and receive higher tax back.

Completing a tax return does not need to be confusing or stressful. Look into what you can deduct and work with a tax professional to ensure that you get the most deductions possible. Getting your deductions right the first time will not only increase the amount of refund you could be getting, but it can reduce the amount of stress it takes when you file your taxes.

Assistance With Tax Returns Australia-Wide

Regardless of whether you are trying to file an individual or business tax return in Australia, the task can be daunting. It is important to get your tax return correct. To do this, you really need to consult with a tax professional. The tax professionals at Tax Call Australia will help you file your tax return, regardless of where you live in Australia. In as little as 20 minutes for a basic return, you can get the tax stress off your shoulders and see if you qualify for an instant tax refund.

Expert Tax Accountants

Whether you are filing a tax return in Sydney or filing a tax return in Darwin, the tax experts at Tax Call can help you. Sorting through what tax deductions you qualify for as well as what counts as declared income can be overly complicated. But our professionals know how to maximize your refund, saving you both time and money in a matter of minutes.

Using an expert tax expert will guarantee that your taxes are being filed exactly as they should be. Filing them on your own is not only more stressful and time consuming, but it also increases the chances of you missing a deduction and having a lower refund than you could be getting. Finding a tax professional you can trust near you doesn’t need to be scary. Our tax experts can help you file no matter where you are in Australia. We know the ins and outs of the different types of deductions and can help you maximize your refund.

Instant Refund

Getting a tax refund can be an exciting prospect, boosting your income when you need it. But who likes to wait for a refund in the mail? Especially for those filing a tax return in Cairns and a tax return Hobart, it can take several weeks to receive your refund. That money is owed to you and you should get it back as soon as possible. Tax Call’s instant refund program allows you to get your refund the same day that you file. With our fixed fee, you will get your refund when you should.

Your refund is like a loan to your government that they get to hold interest-free. You should not have to wait for your money to come back to you. Check out our instant refund program!

Business Tax Services

Filing your business tax return in Melbourne should be the same as filing a tax return in Adelaide. With our business tax experts, we can help you file a return for your business just as easily as we can help you with your individual return. Even businesses need help filing their tax returns. Businesses especially have more complicated deductions and expenses to be accounted for. Tax compliance can be tricky business and is not something that you should take lightly.

Tax professionals, just like ours at Tax Call, are essential to helping your business stay completely compliant and ensure that you are not missing any deductions or liabilities. No matter where your business is in Australia, Tax Call can sort out your return and get your taxes filed.

Save Time

Using a tax professional to help you file your return will not just help reduce the amount of stress you get with filing taxes in general, but our experts at Tax Call can also do it in a matter of minutes. For as little as 20 minutes, we can help your file a return anywhere in Australia. Need to file a return in Brisbane? We can do it. Need to file a return Perth? We can do that too. We service clients all over Australia.

Your time is important. As your taxes get more complicated, depending on your major purchases or family changes throughout the year, tax returns can take even longer to file. That is when you know you should get assistance with your taxes. Sure, you may say “taxes aren’t complicated, I can do it myself.” Yet a tax expert will be able to find deductions and see things that you will not know to look for. Tax law is complicated and unless you have studied it thoroughly, you are likely to miss something. Take the pride out of your finances and look at it logically. In a matter of minutes, you can have your taxes filed and have one thing less to worry about.

Income You Must Declare

When you are looking to file your taxes, you need to be sure that you are declaring the income that you are supposed to. But how you declare and what you declare can be confusing. Some employers will provide the details of what you should declare directly to you, but not all income is so easy.

Utilizing a tax return calculator will help you figure out exactly how much of your income should be taxed, but first you should address how your income is taxed.

Does All Income Need to be Declared?

The short answer is yes. Income is still income no matter the amount. If you do not declare all of your income, even if it is small amount here or there, it can be traced back to you. In that case, you would have to pay the taxes on it, plus interest as well as the penalty for failing to report income. Don’t over concern yourself with the idea that declaring all of your income will push you up into the next tax bracket. The declared income does account for your expenses and overhead which can be included in your tax deductions.

Some examples of income are:

  • Employment Income
  • Trust Income
  • Pensions
  • Investments, including stocks, dividends, and rent
  • Crowdsourcing Income
  • Income from Overseas
  • Large Monetary Gifts

What You Don’t Have to Declare

While reporting all of your income is a safe idea, there are a few exceptions to what you need to declare.

Income that does not need to be declared includes:

  • Rewards or small gifts
  • Prize money in small lotteries or raffles
  • Child support and alimony

There is also something called “non-assessable, non-exempt income.” The term may sound confusing, but what it means is money that you do not have to pay taxes on. The difference between non-exempt income is that it can be taken into account when reviewing government benefits, but will not affect the amount of taxes you need to pay.

To ensure that you are declaring all of your taxable income, you should consult with a tax professional.

The Capital Gains Tax

The term “capital gains” may bring to mind images of wealthy people who are flesh with property and earnings. Capital gains are not just for the rich, however. A capital gain happens when you have sold something for more than you paid for it. The term is used a lot in regard to property, but it affects other things as well, including cars, furniture, and stocks. Business income is not the same thing as capital gains. If you are buying and selling furniture as part of your business it will be excluded from the capital gains tax.

In Australia, the capital gains tax is tied into the income-tax system. And don’t worry, your house is not included in the definition of capital gains. To determine what constitutes a capital gain for you personally, you can consult with a tax calculator or ask a tax professional for secure guidance.

Using a Tax Calculator

If you are trying to figure out whether you will have to pay more taxes or receive a refund, using a tax calculator can help you determine where you sit financially. Remember that using a tax refund calculator can help you estimate your liability, but you will still need to consult with a tax professional prior to filing to ensure that the calculated amount is accurate as well as for assistance with deductions and filing.

A tax calculator is a tool that allows you to enter your filing status, declared income, and any deductions you may have in order to get an estimate of your total tax liability. Taking into account your withholdings, a tax calculator will be able to tell you whether you are receiving a tax refund or if you can expect to pay more taxes.

As the tax rate changes over time, it is important to understand that your amount of taxable income will also adjust to match the current tax rate. Depending on what you declare, the rate will change. Adding in the full amount of declared income will give you a better idea as to your liability and the potential for receiving a tax refund.

It is important when using a tax calculator to put in all of the income you are declaring in order to obtain the best estimate. The calculator will ask for your income, deductions as well as any tax credits that may apply to you or your business.

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Melbourne, Port Melbourne, Port Franklin, Port Fairy, Port Campbell, Port Albert, Porepunkah, Porcupine Ridge, Porcupine Flat, Poowong North, Poowong East, Poowong, Pootilla, Poolaijelo, Pompapiel, Pomonal, Pomborneit North, Pomborneit East, Pomborneit, Point Wilson, Point Lonsdale, Point Leo, Point Cook, Plumpton, Plumpton, Plumpton, Plenty, Pittong, Pitfield, Pirron Yallock, Piries, Pira, Pipers Creek, Pioneer Bay, Pine View, Pine Lodge, Pine Grove East, Pine Grove, Pimpinio, Pilchers Bridge, Piggoreet, Pigeon Ponds, Piedmont, Picola West, Picola, Piavella, Piangil, Pheasant Creek, Petticoat Creek, Peterborough, Perry Bridge, Peronne, Perkins Reef, Percydale, Pentland Hills, Penshurst, Pennyroyal, Pelluebla, Peechelba East, Peechelba, Pearsondale, Pearcedale, Paynesville, Patyah, Patterson Lakes, Patho West, Patho, Patchewollock, Pastoria East, Pastoria, Pascoe Vale South, Pascoe Vale, Paschendale, Parwan, Parkwood, Parkville, Parkdale, Park Orchards, Paringi, Paraparap, Paradise Beach, Paradise, Panton Hill, Panmure, Pakenham Upper, Pakenham South, Pakenham, Painswick, Paaratte, Ozenkadnook, Oxley Flats, Oxley, Ovens, Ouyen, Outtrim, Osbornes Flat, Orrvale, Ormond, Orford, Orbost, Ondit, Omeo Valley, Omeo, Ombersley, Olinda, Officer South, Officer, Ocean Grove, Ocean Grange, Oakvale, Oakleigh South, Oakleigh East, Oakleigh, Oaklands Junction, Oak Park, Nyrraby, Nyora, Nyerimilang, Nyarrin, Nyah West, Nyah, Nutfield, Nurran, Nurrabiel, Nurcoung, Nuntin, Nunniong, Nungurner, Nunawading, Numurkah, Nullawil, Nullawarre East, Nullawarre, Nulla Vale, Nuggetty, Nug Nug, Nowie, Nowhere Creek, Nowa Nowa, Notting Hill, Norval, Northwood, Northcote, North Wonthaggi, North Warrandyte, North Wangaratta, North Shore, North Melbourne, North Melbourne, North Geelong, North Blackwood, North Bendigo, Norong Central, Norong, Normanville, Norlane, Noradjuha, Noorinbee North, Noorinbee, Noorat East, Noorat, Noojee, Noble Park North, Noble Park, Nirranda South, Nirranda East, Nirranda, Ninyeunook, Nintingbool, Nine Mile, Ninda, Nilma North, Nilma, Nillahcootie, Niddrie, Nicholson, Nichols Point, Nhill, Newtown, Newtown, Newstead, Newry, Newport, Newmerella, Newlyn North, Newlyn, Newlands Arm, Newington, Newhaven, Newham, Newfield, Newcomb, Newbury, Newbridge, Newborough East, Newborough, New Gisborne, Neuarpurr, Netherby, Nerring, Nerrina, Nerrin Nerrin, Nerrena, Nelson, Neilborough, Neerim South, Neerim North, Neerim Junction, Neerim East, Neerim, Neereman, Neds Corner, Nayook, Navigators, Navarre, Natya, Natte Yallock, Natimuk, Nathalia, Narrung, Narre Warren South, Narre Warren North, Narre Warren East, Narre Warren, Narrawong, Narrapumelap South, Narraport, Narracan, Naroghid, Naringal East, Naringal, Naring, Nariel Valley, Nareewillock, Nareen, Nareeb, Narbethong, Nar Nar Goon North, Nar Nar Goon, Napoleons, Nanneella, Nangiloc, Nangeela, Nangana, Nandaly, Nambrok, Nalinga, Nalangil, Nagambie, Mywee, Mystic Park, Mysia, Myrtleford, Myrtleford, Myrtlebank, Myrtle Creek, Myrrhee, Myrniong, Myola East, Myola, Myers Flat, Myamyn, Myall, Muskerry East, Muskerry, Musk Vale, Musk, Murtoa, Murrumbeena, Murroon, Murrindindi, Murrindal, Murrayville, Murray Lock No 9, Murray Downs, Murrabit West, Murrabit, Murra Warra, Murphys Creek, Murmungee, Murgheboluc, Murchison North, Murchison East, Murchison, Muntham, Munro, Mundoona, Mumbannar, Mulgrave, Mudgegonga, Muckleford South, Muckleford, Mt Baw Baw, Moyston, Moyreisk, Moyhu, Moyarra, Moutajup, Mountain View, Mountain Bay, Mount Waverley, Mount Wallace, Mount Toolebewong, Mount Taylor, Mount Slide, Mount Scobie, Mount Sabine, Mount Rowan, Mount Richmond, Mount Prospect, Mount Pleasant, Mount Napier, Mount Moriac, Mount Mitchell, Mount Mercer, Mount Martha, Mount Major, Mount Macedon, Mount Lonarch, Mount Hotham, Mount Hooghly, Mount Helen, Mount Glasgow, Mount Franklin, Mount Evelyn, Mount Emu, Mount Eliza, Mount Egerton, Mount Eccles South, Mount Eccles, Mount Duneed, Mount Doran, Mount Dandenong, Mount Cottrell, Mount Cole Creek, Mount Cole, Mount Clear, Mount Cameron, Mount Camel, Mount Bute, Mount Burnett, Mount Buller, Mount Buffalo, Mount Bruno, Mount Bolton, Mount Best, Mount Beckworth, Mount Beauty, Mount Alfred, Mossiface, Mosquito Creek, Morwell, Morton Plains, Mortlake, Mortchup, Morrl Morrl, Morrisons, Mornington, Moriac, Morgiana, Moreland, Mordialloc, Moranding, Mooroopna North West, Mooroopna North, Mooroopna, Mooroolbark, Moorooduc, Moorngag, Moormbool West, Moorilim, Mooralla, Moorabool, Moorabbin East, Moorabbin Airport, Moorabbin, Moora, Moonlight Flat, Moonlight Flat, Moonee Ponds, Moondarra, Moonambel, Moolort, Moolerr, Moolap, Montrose, Montmorency, Montgomery, Mont Albert North, Mont Albert, Monomeith, Mongans Bridge, Monegeetta, Monbulk, Monash University, Molyullah, Mologa, Mollongghip, Molka, Moliagul, Molesworth, Mokepilly, Moglonemby, Moggs Creek, Moe South, Moe, Modewarre, Modella, Mockinya, Mittyack, Mitta Mitta, Mitre, Mitiamo, Mitchellstown, Mitchells Hill, Mitchell Park, Mitchell Park, Mitcham, Mirranatwa, Mirimbah, Mirboo South, Mirboo North, Mirboo East, Mirboo, Miram, Miralie, Minyip, Minto, Minmindie, Minjah, Mininera, Minimay, Minhamite, Mingay, Miners Rest, Mincha West, Mincha, Milnes Bridge, Milltown, Milloo, Millgrove, Millbrook, Mill Park, Mildura Centre Plaza, Mildura, Mildura, Milawa, Miga Lake, Miepoll, Middle Park, Middle Creek, Mickleham, Mia Mia, Mewburn Park, Metung, Metcalfe East, Metcalfe, Merton, Merrinee, Merrimu, Merrijig, Merrijig, Merrigum, Merricks North, Merricks Beach, Merricks, Merriang South, Merriang, Mernda, Merino, Meringur, Meredith, Merbein West, Merbein South, Merbein, Mepunga West, Mepunga East, Mepunga, Menzies Creek, Mentone, Mena Park, Melwood, Melville Forest, Melton West, Melton South, Melton, Melbourne, Meerlieu, Meering West, Meeniyan, Medlyn, Meatian, Meadow Heights, Meadow Creek, Mead, Mcmillans, Mcmahons Creek, Mcloughlins Beach, Mckinnon, Mckenzie Hill, Mckenzie Creek, Mcintyre, Mcevoys, Mccrae, Mayreef, Maude, Matlock, Massey, Maryvale, Marysville, Maryknoll, Maryborough, Marungi, Martins Creek, Marshall, Marraweeney, Maroona, Marong, Marnoo, Marlo, Marlbed, Markwood, Marionvale, Maribyrnong, Marengo, Mardan, Marcus Hill, Maramingo Creek, Mansfield, Mansfield, Manorina, Manns Beach, Mannibadar, Mannerim, Manifold Heights, Mangalore, Mandurang South, Mandurang, Manangatang, Mambourin, Malvern East, Malvern, Malmsbury, Mallacoota, Maldon, Majorca, Major Plains, Maindample, Main Ridge, Main Lead, Mailer Flat, Maidstone, Maiden Gully, Magpie, Maffra West Upper, Maffra, Mafeking, Maddingley, Madalya, Macs Cove, Macorna North, Macorna, Macleod, Macks Creek, Macedon, Macclesfield, Macarthur, Lysterfield South, Lysterfield, Lyonville, Lyons, Lyndhurst, Lyndale, Lynbrook, Lyal, Lurg, Lucyvale, Lucknow, Lubeck, Loy Yang, Lower Plenty, Lower Norton, Lower Moira, Lovely Banks, Lorquon, Lorne, Longwood, Longwarry North, Longwarry, Longlea, Longford, Longerenong, Long Gully, Long Forest, Lone Pine, Londrigan, Logan, Loddon Vale, Lockwood South, Lockwood, Locksley, Lockington, Lochend, Loch Valley, Loch Sport, Loch, Llowalong, Llanelly, Little River, Little Hampton, Little Desert, Litchfield, Lismore, Liparoo, Linton, Linga, Lindsay, Lindenow South, Lindenow, Limonite, Limestone, Lima South, Lima East, Lima, Lilydale, Lilliput, Lillimur, Lillicur, Lillico, Licola North, Licola, Lexton, Lethbridge, Leslie Manor, Lerderderg, Leopold, Leongatha South, Leongatha North, Leongatha, Leonards Hill, Leneva, Lemnos, Leitchville, Leigh Creek, Leichardt, Ledcourt, Learmonth, Leaghur, Lawrence, Lawloit, Lawler, Laverton Raaf, Laverton North, Laverton, Lavers Hill, Lauriston, Launching Place, Lascelles, Larralea, Larpent, Lardner, Lara, Langwarrin South, Langwarrin, Langsborough, Langley, Langkoop, Langi Logan, Langi Kal Kal, Langdons Hill, Lang Lang East, Lang Lang, Landsborough West, Landsborough, Lancefield, Lance Creek, Lancaster, Lamplough, Lalor, Lalbert, Lal Lal, Lakes Entrance, Lake Wongan, Lake Wendouree, Lake Wellington, Lake Tyrrell, Lake Tyers Beach, Lake Tyers, Lake Rowan, Lake Powell, Lake Mundi, Lake Moodemere, Lake Mokoan, Lake Meran, Lake Marmal, Lake Lonsdale, Lake Hindmarsh, Lake Goldsmith, Lake Gardens, Lake Fyans, Lake Eildon, Lake Condah, Lake Charm, Lake Bunga, Lake Buloke, Lake Bolac, Lake Boga, Laharum, Lah, Laen North, Laen East, Laen, Ladys Pass, Laceby, Labertouche, Laang, Laanecoorie, La Trobe University, La Trobe University, Kyneton South, Kyneton, Kyabram, Kyabram, Ky West, Ky Valley, Kurunjang, Kurting, Kurraca West, Kurraca, Kunat, Kulwin, Krowera, Koyuga South, Koyuga, Kotupna, Kotta, Korweinguboora, Korumburra South, Korumburra, Korrine, Koroop, Korong Vale, Koroit, Korobeit, Koriella, Kooyong, Koorooman, Kooroocheang, Koornalla, Koorlong, Kooreh, Koonwarra, Koondrook, Koonda, Kooloonong, Koo Wee Rup North, Koo Wee Rup, Konongwootong, Kongwak, Kolora, Koetong, Kobyboyn, Koallah, Knoxfield, Knox City Centre, Knowsley, Knebsworth, Kithbrook, Kirwans Bridge, Kirkstall, Kinypanial, Kinnabulla, Kingsville, Kingston, Kingsbury, Kings Park, Kingower, Kinglake West, Kinglake Central, Kinglake, King Valley, Kimbolton, Kilsyth South, Kilsyth, Kilmore East, Kilmore, Kilmany, Killingworth, Killawarra, Killarney, Killara, Killara, Kilfeera, Kilcunda, Kiewa, Kiata, Kialla West, Kialla East, Kialla, Keysborough, Kewell, Kew East, Kew, Kevington, Kerrisdale, Kerrie, Kernot, Kergunyah, Kerang East, Kerang, Kensington, Kennington, Kennett River, Kennedys Creek, Kenmare, Kenley, Kelvin View, Kellalac, Keilor Park, Keilor North, Keilor Lodge, Keilor East, Keilor Downs, Keilor, Keely, Kealba, Kawarren, Katunga, Katandra West, Katandra, Katamatite East, Katamatite, Karyrie, Karramomus, Karnak, Kariah, Kardella South, Kardella, Karabeal, Kanyapella, Kanya, Kanumbra, Kaniva, Kangaroo Ground, Kangaroo Flat, Kancoona South, Kancoona, Kanagulk, Kamarooka North, Kamarooka, Kalpienung, Kalorama, Kallista, Kalkee, Kalkallo, Kalimna West, Kalimna, Kadnook, Kaarimba, Junortoun, Jungaburra, Jung, Junction Village, Jumbunna, Jumbuk, Joyces Creek, Johnstones Hill, Johnsonville, Johanna, Joel South, Joel Joel, Jindivick, Jilpanger, Jil Jil, Jeparit, Jeffcott North, Jeffcott, Jeetho, Jeeralang Junction, Jeeralang, Jarvis Creek, Jarrahmond, Jarklin, Jancourt East, Jancourt, Jan Juc, Jamieson, Jam Jerrup, Jallumba, Jallukur, Jacob Creek, Jackass Flat, Jack River, Jacana, Ivanhoe East, Ivanhoe, Ivanhoe, Irymple, Irrewillipe East, Irrewillipe, Irrewarra, Ironbark, Irishtown, Iraak, Iona, Invermay Park, Invermay, Inverloch, Inverleigh, Invergordon South, Invergordon, Inkerman, Ingliston, Inglewood, Indigo Valley, Indigo, Indented Head, Illowa, Illawarra, Illabarook, Iguana Creek, Icy Creek, Hurstbridge, Hurdle Flat, Huon Creek, Huntly North, Huntly, Huntingdale, Hunterston, Hunter, Humevale, Hume Weir, Hughesdale, Howqua Inlet, Howqua Hills, Howqua, Howes Creek, Hotspur, Hotham Heights, Horsham West, Horsham, Horsham, Horsham, Horfield, Hordern Vale, Hoppers Crossing, Hopevale, Hopetoun Park, Hopetoun, Homewood, Homerton, Homebush, Hollands Landing, Hoddles Creek, Hoddle, Hmas Cerberus, Hinnomunjie, Hillside, Hillside, Hillcrest, Hill End, Hilgay, Highton, Highpoint City, Highlands, Highett, High Camp, Hidden Valley, Hicksborough, Hiawatha, Hiamdale, Heywood, Heytesbury Lower, Heyfield, Hexham, Hesse, Hesket, Hernes Oak, Herne Hill, Hepburn Springs, Hepburn, Henty, Hensley Park, Heidelberg West, Heidelberg Rgh, Heidelberg Heights, Heidelberg, Hedley, Heathmont, Heathmere, Heatherton, Heathcote South, Heathcote Junction, Heathcote, Heath Hill, Healesville, Hazelwood South, Hazelwood North, Hazelwood, Hazeldene, Hazel Park, Haydens Bog, Hawthorn East, Hawthorn, Hawthorn, Hawkhurst, Hawkesdale, Havillah, Haven, Havelock, Hattah, Hastings, Harston, Harrow, Harrietville, Harmers Haven, Harkaway, Harcourt North, Harcourt, Happy Valley, Happy Valley, Hansonville, Hanging Rock, Hampton Park, Hampton East, Hampton, Hamlyn Heights, Hamilton, Hallston, Halls Gap, Hallora, Hallam, Hadfield, Haddon, Gymbowen, Guys Hill, Guys Forest, Guthridge, Gunyah, Gundowring, Gunbower, Guildford, Gruyere, Grovedale, Gritjurk, Gringegalgona, Grey River, Greta West, Greta South, Greta, Grenville, Greenwald, Greenvale, Greensborough, Greens Creek, Greenhill, Greendale, Green Lake, Green Gully, Gredgwin, Great Western, Great Southern, Gre Gre South, Gre Gre North, Gre Gre, Graytown, Grassy Spur, Grassmere, Grassdale, Grass Flat, Granya, Grantville, Granite Rock, Granite Flat, Grand Ridge, Grahamvale, Gower, Gowar East, Gowangardie, Gowanford, Gowanbrae, Goulburn Weir, Goughs Bay, Goschen, Goroke, Gormandale, Gordon, Gorae West, Gorae, Gooroc, Goornong, Goorambat, Gooramadda, Gooram, Goongerah, Goon Nure, Goomalibee, Gonn Crossing, Gong Gong, Goldsborough, Goldie, Golden Square, Golden Point, Golden Point, Golden Point, Golden Gully, Golden Beach, Gobur, Gnotuk, Gnarwarre, Glomar Beach, Glenthompson, Glenroy, Glenrowan West, Glenrowan, Glenpatrick, Glenormiston South, Glenormiston North, Glenorchy, Glenmore, Glenmaggie, Glenlyon, Glenluce, Glenloth East, Glenloth, Glenlogie, Glenlofty, Glenlee, Glenisla, Glenhope, Glengower, Glengarry West, Glengarry North, Glengarry, Glenfyne, Glendonnell, Glendaruel, Glenburn, Glenbrae, Glenaroua, Glenalbyn, Glenaladale, Glenaire, Glen Wills, Glen Waverley, Glen Valley, Glen Park, Glen Iris, Glen Huntly, Glen Forbes, Glen Falloch, Glen Creek, Glen Alvie, Gladysdale, Gladstone Park, Gladfield, Gisborne South, Gisborne, Girgarre East, Girgarre, Gipsy Point, Gillieston, Gilderoy, Giffard West, Giffard, Ghin Ghin, Gheringhap, Gherang, Germantown, Germania, Gerangamete, Gerang Gerung, Genoa, Gembrook, Gelliondale, Gellibrand Lower, Gellibrand, Gelantipy, Geelong West, Geelong Mc, Geelong, Gazette, Gatum, Gateway Island, Garvoc, Garibaldi, Garfield North, Garfield, Gardenvale, Gapsted, Gannawarra, Gainsborough, Gaffneys Creek, Fyansford, Fyans Creek, Fumina South, Fumina, Fulham, Fryerstown, Freshwater Creek, Frenchmans, French Island, Freeburgh, Frankston South, Frankston North, Frankston, Franklinford, Framlingham East, Framlingham, Foxhow, Fosterville, Foster North, Foster, Forrest, Forge Creek, Forest Hill, Forbes, Footscray, Flynns Creek, Flynn, Flowerdale, Flowerdale, Flora Hill, Flinders Naval Depot, Flinders, Flemington, Flamingo Beach, Flagstaff, Flaggy Creek, Five Ways, Fitzroy North, Fitzroy, Fitzroy, Fiskville, Fish Point, Fish Creek, Fingal, Fiery Flat, Ferny Creek, Fernvale, Ferntree Gully, Fernshaw, Fernihurst, Ferndale, Fernbank, Fern Hill, Ferguson, Fentons Creek, Fawkner, Fawcett, Faraday, Falls Creek, Fairy Dell, Fairy Dell, Fairley, Fairhaven, Fairfield, Fairbank, Eynesbury, Exford, Everton Upper, Everton, Eversley, Evansford, Eurobin, Euroa, Eureka, Eurack, Eumemmerring, Essendon West, Essendon North, Essendon, Esmond, Eskdale, Errinundra, Erica, Ercildoune, Epsom, Epping Dc, Epping, Eppalock, Ensay North, Ensay, Englefield, Enfield, Endeavour Hills, Emu Flat, Emu Creek, Emu, Emerald, Elwood, Eltham North, Eltham, Elsternwick, Elphinstone, Elmore, Elmhurst, Ellinbank, Elliminyt, Ellerslie, Ellaswood, Elingamite North, Elingamite, Elevated Plains, Eldorado, Elberton, Elaine, Eildon, Eganstown, Edithvale, Edi Upper, Edi, Edgecombe, Edenhope, Eden Park, Eddington, Ecklin South, Echuca West, Echuca Village, Echuca South, Echuca East, Echuca, Ebden, Eastville, Eastern View, East Yeoburn, East Warburton, East Wangaratta, East Sale Raaf, East Melbourne, East Melbourne, East Geelong, East Bendigo, East Bairnsdale, Earlston, Eaglemont, Eaglehawk North, Eaglehawk, Eagle Point, Dysart, Duverney, Dutton Way, Dutson Downs, Dutson, Durham Ox, Durham Lead, Durdidwarrah, Dunrobin, Dunolly, Dunnstown, Dunneworthy, Dunluce, Dunkirk, Dunkeld, Dundonnell, Dunach, Dumosa, Dumbalk North, Dumbalk, Dugays Bridge, Drysdale, Dry Diggings, Drung, Drummond North, Drummond, Drummartin, Drumcondra, Drumborg, Drumanure, Drouin West, Drouin South, Drouin East, Drouin, Dropmore, Dromana, Drik Drik, Driffield, Dreeite South, Dreeite, Doveton, Douglas, Double Bridges, Dorodong, Doreen, Dookie College, Dookie, Dooen, Dooboobetic, Donvale, Donnybrook, Doncaster East, Doncaster, Donald, Don Valley, Dollar, Doctors Flat, Docklands, Dockers Plains, Docker, Dobie, Dixons Creek, Dixie, Dinner Plain, Dingwall, Dingley Village, Dingee, Dimboola, Diggora West, Diggora, Diggers Rest, Digby, Diamond Hill, Diamond Creek, Dhurringile, Dewhurst, Devon North, Devon Meadows, Devenish, Derrinallum, Derrinal, Derrimut, Dergholm, Dereel, Derby, Deptford, Denver, Dennington, Denison, Denicull Creek, Dellicknora, Delegate River East, Delburn, Delatite, Delahey, Delacombe, Deer Park, Deep Lead, Dederang, Deans Marsh, Dean, Deakin University, Daylesford, Dawson, Dartmouth, Dartmoor, Darriman, Darraweit Guim, Darnum, Darlington, Darlimurla, Darley, Darkbonee, Dargo, Dandongadale, Dandenong South, Dandenong South, Dandenong North, Dandenong, Dandenong, Dalyston, Daltons Bridge, Dalmore, Dallas, Dales Creek, Daisy Hill, Dahlen, Dadswells Bridge, Curyo, Curlewis, Curdies River, Curdie Vale, Cundare North, Cullulleraine, Cullen, Culla, Culgoa, Cudgewa, Cudgee, Crystal Creek, Crymelon, Croydon South, Croydon North, Croydon Hills, Croydon, Croxton East, Crowlands, Crossover, Crossley, Cross Roads, Crooked River, Crib Point, Creswick North, Creswick, Cressy, Cremorne, Creightons Creek, Creighton, Creek View, Creek Junction, Cranbourne West, Cranbourne South, Cranbourne North, Cranbourne East, Cranbourne, Craigieburn, Craigie, Cowwarr, Cowleys Creek, Cowes, Cowangie, Cottles Bridge, Cotswold, Costerfield, Cosgrove South, Cosgrove, Corunnun, Corringle, Cororooke, Corop West, Corop, Coronet Bay, Cornishtown, Cornella, Cornelia Creek, Corndale, Corio, Corinella, Corindhap, Coral Bank, Coragulac, Corack East, Corack, Cora Lynn, Cope Cope, Cooriemungle, Coopers Creek, Coonooer West, Coonooer Bridge, Coongulla, Coomoora, Coomboona, Cooma, Coolaroo, Coojar, Connewirricoo, Connewarre, Connangorach, Congupna, Condah Swamp, Condah, Concongella, Comet Hill, Combienbar, Colliver, Collingwood, Colignan, Coleraine, Coldstream, Colbrook, Colbinabbin, Colac West, Colac East, Colac, Cokum, Coimadai, Cohuna, Coghills Creek, Codrington, Cocoroc, Cockatoo, Cochranes Creek, Cocamba, Coburg North, Coburg, Cobungra, Cobrico, Cobram, Cobden, Cobberas, Cobbannah, Cobaw, Cobains, Coalville, Clydesdale, Clydebank, Clyde North, Clyde, Clunes, Club Terrace, Cloverlea, Clover Flat, Clonbinane, Clifton Springs, Clifton Hill, Clifton Creek, Clematis, Clear Lake, Clayton South, Clayton, Clarkes Hill, Clarkefield, Clarinda, Claretown, Clarendon, Chute, Churchill Island, Churchill, Chum Creek, Christmas Hills, Christies, Chocolyn, Chirnside Park, Chintin, Chinkapook, Chiltern Valley, Chiltern, Chillingollah, Childers, Chewton Bushlands, Chewton, Chetwynd, Chesney Vale, Cheshunt South, Cheshunt, Cherrypool, Cherrilong, Cherokee, Chepstowe, Cheltenham, Chelsea Heights, Chelsea, Chatsworth, Chartwell, Charlton, Charleroi, Charam, Chapple Vale, Chapel Flat, Chandlers Creek, Chadstone Centre, Chadstone, Ceres, Cavendish, Caveat, Caulfield South, Caulfield North, Caulfield East, Caulfield, Catumnal, Cathkin, Cathcart, Catani, Castlemaine, Castleburn, Castle Donnington, Castle Creek, Casterton, Castella, Cassilis, Cashmore, Carwarp, Carrum Downs, Carrum, Carron, Carranballac, Carrajung South, Carrajung, Carpendeit, Caroline Springs, Carngham, Carnegie, Carlyle, Carlton North, Carlton, Carlton, Carlsruhe, Carlisle River, Carisbrook, Caringal, Carina, Cargerie, Cardross, Cardinia, Cardigan Village, Cardigan, Carboor, Carapook, Carapooee West, Carapooee, Caramut, Caralulup, Carag Carag, Capels Crossing, Cape Woolamai, Cape Schanck, Cape Paterson, Cape Otway, Cape Conran, Cape Clear, Cape Bridgewater, Canterbury, Cannum, Cannons Creek, Cannie, Cann River, Caniambo, Canary Island, Canadian, Camperdown, Campbelltown, Campbells Forest, Campbells Creek, Campbells Bridge, Campbellfield, Campaspe West, Cambrian Hill, Camberwell, Camberwell, Camberwell, Cambarville, Calulu, Calrossie, Callignee North, Callignee, Callawadda, Calivil, California Gully, Caldermeade, Calder Park, Cairnlea, Cadello, Cabbage Tree Creek, Cabbage Tree, Cabarita, Cabanandra, Byrneside, Bylands, Byawatha, Byaduk North, Byaduk, Buxton, Butchers Ridge, Bushy Park, Bushfield, Burwood East, Burwood, Burrumbeet, Burrowye, Burnside, Burnley, Burnewang, Burnbank, Burkes Flat, Burkes Bridge, Bunyip North, Bunyip, Bunkers Hill, Buninyong, Bunguluke, Bungil, Bungeet West, Bungeet, Bungaree, Bungalally, Bungal, Bungador, Bung Bong, Bundoora, Bunding, Bundara, Bundalong South, Bundalong, Bundalaguah, Bunbartha, Bumberrah, Buln Buln East, Buln Buln, Bullumwaal, Bullioh, Bullengarook, Bulleen, Bullarto South, Bullarto, Bullarook, Bullaharre, Bullabul, Bulla, Buldah, Bulart, Buffalo River, Buffalo Creek, Buffalo, Budgerum East, Budgeree East, Budgeree, Buckrabanyule, Buckley Swamp, Buckley, Buckland, Buchan South, Buchan, Buangor, Bruthen, Brunswick West, Brunswick East, Brunswick, Brunswick, Brucknell, Bruces Creek, Bruarong, Browns Plains, Brown Hill, Broughton, Broomfield, Brookville, Brooklyn, Brookfield, Bromley, Broken Creek, Brodribb River, Broadwater, Broadmeadows, Broadlands, Broadford, Brit Brit, Bringalbert, Brimpaen, Brimin, Brimboal, Brim, Brighton North, Brighton East, Brighton, Bright, Bridgewater On Loddon, Bridgewater North, Bridgewater, Bridge Inn, Bridge Creek, Briar Hill, Briagolong, Brewster, Brenanah, Breamlea, Breakwater, Breakaway Creek, Braybrook, Branxholme, Brandy Creek, Branditt, Braeside, Bradvale, Bradford, Boxwood, Box Hill South, Box Hill North, Box Hill Central, Box Hill, Bowser, Bowmans Forest, Boweya North, Boweya, Bowenvale, Boundary Bend, Bostocks Creek, Borung, Boronia, Bornes Hill, Boralma, Boosey, Boort, Boorool, Boorolite, Boorhaman 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adgerys Creek – Balgowlah – Balgowlah Heights – Balmain – Balmain East – Bangor – Banksia – Banksmeadow – Bankstown – Bankstown Airport – Barangaroo – Barden Ridge – Bardwell Park – Bardwell Valley -Bass Hill – Baulkham Hills – Bayview – Beacon Hill – Beaconsfield – Beaumont Hills – Beecroft – Belfield – Bella Vista – Bellevue Hill – Belmore – Belrose – Berala – Berkshire Park – Berowra – Berowra Creek -Berowra Heights – Berowra Waters – Berrilee – Beverly Park – Beverly Hills – Bexley – Bexley North – Bickley Vale – Bidwill – Bilgola Beach – Bilgola Plateau – Birchgrove – Birrong – Blackett – Blacktown – Blair Athol -Blairmount – Blakehurst – Bligh Park – Bondi – Bondi Beach – Bondi Junction – Bonnet Bay – Bonnyrigg – Bonnyrigg Heights – Bossley Park – Botany – Bow Bowing – Box Hill – Bradbury – Breakfast Point – Brighton-le-Sands – Bringelly – Bronte – Brooklyn – Brookvale – Bundeena – Burwood – Burwood Heights – Busby..

adgerys Creek – Balgowlah – Balgowlah Heights – Balmain – Balmain East – Bangor – Banksia – Banksmeadow – Bankstown – Bankstown Airport – Barangaroo – Barden Ridge – Bardwell Park – Bardwell Valley -Bass Hill – Baulkham Hills – Bayview – Beacon Hill – Beaconsfield – Beaumont Hills – Beecroft – Belfield – Bella Vista – Bellevue Hill – Belmore – Belrose – Berala – Berkshire Park – Berowra – Berowra Creek -Berowra Heights – Berowra Waters – Berrilee – Beverly Park – Beverly Hills – Bexley – Bexley North – Bickley Vale – Bidwill – Bilgola Beach – Bilgola Plateau – Birchgrove – Birrong – Blackett – Blacktown – Blair Athol -Blairmount – Blakehurst – Bligh Park – Bondi – Bondi Beach – Bondi Junction – Bonnet Bay – Bonnyrigg – Bonnyrigg Heights – Bossley Park – Botany – Bow Bowing – Box Hill – Bradbury – Breakfast Point – Brighton-le-Sands – Bringelly – Bronte – Brooklyn – Brookvale – Bundeena – Burwood – Burwood Heights – Busby..

adgerys Creek – Balgowlah – Balgowlah Heights – Balmain – Balmain East – Bangor – Banksia – Banksmeadow – Bankstown – Bankstown Airport – Barangaroo – Barden Ridge – Bardwell Park – Bardwell Valley -Bass Hill – Baulkham Hills – Bayview – Beacon Hill – Beaconsfield – Beaumont Hills – Beecroft – Belfield – Bella Vista – Bellevue Hill – Belmore – Belrose – Berala – Berkshire Park – Berowra – Berowra Creek -Berowra Heights – Berowra Waters – Berrilee – Beverly Park – Beverly Hills – Bexley – Bexley North – Bickley Vale – Bidwill – Bilgola Beach – Bilgola Plateau – Birchgrove – Birrong – Blackett – Blacktown – Blair Athol -Blairmount – Blakehurst – Bligh Park – Bondi – Bondi Beach – Bondi Junction – Bonnet Bay – Bonnyrigg – Bonnyrigg Heights – Bossley Park – Botany – Bow Bowing – Box Hill – Bradbury – Breakfast Point – Brighton-le-Sands – Bringelly – Bronte – Brooklyn – Brookvale – Bundeena – Burwood – Burwood Heights – Busby..